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Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa, it is home to over one hundred tribal groups and is the natural habitat of the world’s largest crab. Tanzania is also one of the world’s poorest countries with a Gross National Income per capita below $992. The United Nations lists it as an “undeveloped” country due to its human resources crisis’ with respect to nutrition, health, education and adult literacy.

In addition to creating a immense challenge for the adult population of Tanzania, this reality places extreme pressure on children to not attend school. Instead, they ‘work’ – which often includes begging or working on the street to help support their families. Financially constrained parents cannot afford to pay the cost of education for their children. This education is necessary for any kind of social mobility, and so the generational cycle of poverty continues.

For children whose families provide them with the opportunity of an education, the situation is not much brighter. A lack of funding means that students can spend months without books and proper supplies; for the most part, teachers go underpaid. In addition, most students are not eligible for public high school: after completing elementary school the government offers only a limited number of high school grants and scholarships. The government’s decision on grants rests on the results of a standardized test that is written in English. In the Arusha area the only time children use English is at school, and it is very rarely spoken at home.

Gloryland Prep School

Gloryland School is a private elementary school located in the city of Arusha, Tanzania.  It was opened in January 2010 by a local teacher, Asnath Laizer, as a way to increase school enrolment for children ages 3-12.  Gloryland now educates over 100 students per year on subjects like English, French and Swahili, Math, Science, History, Geography, and Social Sciences. It also provides children with information on health and sexual education.

Gloryland Prep School seeks to give as many children as possible the opportunity of basic education. We envision a school from daycare to high school that not only provides an academic curriculum, but also a food program offering three meals a day, a well-trained and professional staff, and an environment where students have access to health care, textbooks and supplies. We envision Gloryland Prep School as an institution offering an outstanding education to the children of Arusha.

K-ROBS Social Enterprise and Gloryland Prep School

In 2013 Kareem Roberts spent a month in Tanzania, devoting most of his time to volunteering at Gloryland Prep School. He began by teaching in one of the classes, but changed roles to help with accounting, budgeting and project management. After two years of helping with project management at Gloryland, the previous project manager,Susan McDonald, passed her position onto Kareem. Shortly after that, Kareem founded K-ROBS Social Enterprise.

Our management philosophy is that people who live, work and teach in Arusha know what is needed to improve their school and community, however they lack the tools or resources to implement them. Our long-term plan is to help to create a self sufficient quality school.

We are continuously accepting international donations to help fund Gloryland Prep School.

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Erin Meyer-Photographer & Sponsorship Manager 

Erin grew up in Melrose, Minnesota. She’s owner and Photographer at Erin Rae / Photography where she specializes in Wedding & Lifestyle Photography. A portion of Erin Rae / Photography’s profits benefits projects in Africa. Erin has her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from St. Cloud State University.
Erin first found a place in her heart for Africa when traveling there in 2010. Traveling to over 10 countries in Africa, she has always returned144a2904_4085 to Tanzania. The people, the endless smiles, and the happiness – she loves everything about Tanzania. She believes photographs can make a difference and has a life goal of figuring out how to better others lives through sharing her photography with the world. Erin is a photographer, a traveler, a teacher, and her compassion for helping others is immeasurable.