Algoma University Students in Tanzania

Two Algoma University business students Josh Gibbs and Josh Wooly went to Tanzania Africa during this year’s summer break to put their studies into action. They were accompanied by Kareem Roberts of K-Robs social enterprise.

The students won a case competition in their Not for Profit class, where the goal was to develop new solutions to help deal with education issues in Tanzania Africa. This case was presented to Kareem, who governs and manages not for profit organization called K-Robs Social Enterprise, where the mission is to understand and implement measures to overcome the challenges that prevent children from receiving an education in third world countries.

This opportunity allowed the students to reside in Tanzania and see first-hand how their solutions help the school Kareem manages and also had the opportunity to apply a number of their business skills. The students were very impressed with this three week project and they made mention that they now realize the future benefits with an Algoma University degree and the extra-curriculum learnings of international opportunities outside Sault Ste Marie.

The invaluable insights the students mentioned were: the opportunity of the great mentorship of a past business student advising and demonstrating what to expect after graduation; being exposed to other cultural and business norms, which they had to understand and adapt to very quickly; and the resolution of the differences between western society and third world.

Overall, the trip was once in a life time opportunity for these students which they will never forget! This opportunity was a joint project with the business faculty at Algoma University and K-Robs Social Enterprise with the goal of gaining work experience and applying what they have learned into real life situations and exposing them to international environments.