Gloryland Prep School Project a Success

Since 2013 K-Robs Social Enterprise has worked closely with Gloryland Prep School located in Tanzania, Africa. When we first started this project the school only had one small building and tents that educated over 80 students. Four years later the student population is over 250 students, we have beautifully designed buildings that schools all the students and its now a fully self-sufficient locally run primary school.

This year we will have our first set of students writing their high school entrance exam which is a very important milestone for us because this is a major challenge that students deal with in Tanzania. The reason it is an issue, because the failure rate is over 50%, this is due to the fact that the high school entrance exam is written in English and most students are taught in their native language known as Swahili. At this point most students stop their education here, however this is why we started this project to ensure that our students pass the exam. Also the school is taught in English as well to ensure the success of passing the high school exam. We know that our students will do well because we have been preparing them for this exam since they started school.

This year we also completed our project with Gloryland Prep School. We achieved what we set out to achieve and we couldn’t be happier. Our goals were to, have a fully locally self-managed primary school managed by Tanzanian locals. We always wanted this school to be managed by locals instead of Westerns because we wanted the local community involvement, creating jobs for locals, and creating self of pride and brand awareness for the school and staff. Another major task achieved was having all students schooled in buildings instead of tents and half-finished buildings. We have had many volunteers and donations over the years and we couldn’t have done it without these generous people and we would like to thank them. We have worked closely with the school administration staff over the years teaching them how to run an effective and efficient school and we have coached them on various skills and it has been a success.

This project is now complete however, we will still continue to work with Gloryland Prep School as advisors and help work on new projects such as improving the current curriculum, building a library and computer labs and other tasks that will help make the school even better. We want this primary school to be in the top 10 best schools in the Kilimanjaro Region and one of the top schools in Tanzania.

We will still accept international donations for the school and volunteers because there will always be projects that will need funding and projects that will need expertise help. As mention before, we couldn’t be happier and proud to have started and completed this project. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this journey and helping us achieve our goal for providing an education these children. Thank you!

Take a look at how far Gloryland Prep School has come since 2013